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Home Maintenance Checklist You’ll Love

Maintaining a home is much more than just financial investment – it requires time, experience, and attention. Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your home needs work to maintain its glory and avoid future setbacks. Thinking of home repair tasks can be daunting and boring, but with this amazing and professional checklist, you can quickly check the health of your home without indulging in professional work.

Inspection of HVAC Filter

Changing HVAC filters every 2-3 months are highly recommend for better air quality inside the home. Depending upon the quality, the replacement time period can change.

Kitchen Sink Disposal

Put drain-cleaning solution inside the kitchen sink regularly to freshen up the pipe and discard any collected garbage.

Test Smoke Detectors

Every smoke detector has a “test” button. You can easily check and replace dying batteries from the machine. This will help you to prevent a major disaster in your home.

Run Water in Unused Places

There might be certain areas of your bathroom and sink that you don’t often use. Make sure you check them regularly and flush water to prevent build up of grim and dirt.

Deep Cleaning

You may want to do this every 6 months, but deep cleaning of your home is essential to maintain the health of your surroundings. Dusting every nook and cranny of home is appreciated twice every year. This will also help you to detect and prevent any potentially expensive repair.

Exterior Home Inspection

Check for chipped paints, damaged winter pipes, any loose brick, or anything that is out-of-place with the exteriors of your home. Hiring a professional home inspector can save you trouble.

Cleaning Deck/Patio

Just like the inside of your home, the outside also holds a special place in your life. You and your friends have the best of times on patio and deck, which means they require special care. Make sure you inspect and repair any damages to the floor and other surrounding areas twice every 6 months.

Tightening Handles and Knobs

One of the primary reasons for accidents in a home is loosened handles and knobs. This requires a quick fix with a screwdriver and keen eyes.

Clean Chimney

Once every year, you can avoid a financial hiccup of your home by checking up on the chimney. Make repairs and cleaning as required and add more beauty to your home’s exteriors and interiors.

This simple home maintenance checklist may result in repairs and professional help. Always keep your local handyman in the loop when you encounter a problem you cannot fix. This will always help you save big bucks in the future.

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Roof Maintenance Ideas For Retaining Value

We’ve all had those winters that seem to stretch far beyond its welcome, during which your roof normally doesn’t get the proper attention it requires to maintain its quality. But how do you evaluate your roof? Long winters and harsh weather can be a detriment to your roof and shingles as it has to tolerate a range of different elements being thrown its way. Upon the arrival of warmer temperatures and sunny skies, your roofing system may require some proper care or repair if necessary. The first step can simply be to inspect the roof as a whole to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Once any ice has melted and it’s safe to get up on your roof is the time to do this. If you’re not proficient in inspecting or finding warning signs of damage or future harm, then a professional roofing company may be a good option to hire as they will be experienced to find those weak points of your roof that need to be fixed or replaced.

With proper care and regular maintenance your roof will improve it’s longevity and will be stronger in terms of its performance. Here are a few points to consider when receiving an inspection or taking a look at it on your own.

Gutters and Downspouts

Proper function of your gutters are very important as they help keep excess and unwanted water off the roof. See a previous post eavestrough maintenance to read more about how to improve performance.

Shingle Inspection

Check to see if there are any shingles that need to be replaced. You can tell this by possible curls in the shingles, or if some are loose and may fall off. Also there can be some that are completely damaged and aren’t doing any good to your roof. These will need to be replaced immediately. Sometimes nails will begin to loosen and come out due to wear and tear, you can simply hammer them back down to ensure they are secure. If your shingles are just looking worn out in appearance, depending on how old it is and its current condition it may be time to install a new roof all together.


Look around if you have any skylights, windows or chimneys, there will be caulking around these areas to ensure no water seeps through. If there are signs of damage, cracking or wear-age, you will need to re-caulk these areas to prevent further water damage.

Soffit and Fascia

The metal or wooden panels that run underneath your roof between the walls and roof line are strong components of a healthy roof but sometimes can receive punishment from weather and old age. Look if you can notice any soft areas or holes within the soffit system. The required outcome of repairs will be determined by how old it is and the extent of any damages that have occurred. In some cases the whole system may need to be replaced. Though hopefully it is not the case as this can be a very expensive service. See to it that you hire a very good inspector that will always revert to replacement just to make an extra buck. Quality roofing inspectors will only use replacement as a last resort and do their best to repair the damage to help things last longer.

Water and Ice

If you don’t receive roof top snow removal or ice removal over the winter, chances are there could be some leakage within your home, although let’s hope that is never the case. Sometimes the melting process over the spring can cause ice damns and can result in water damage to the roof and the interior as well. If you notice a leaky roof at any time, it is best to tend to it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. If it is not repaired on time, it can lead to the roofs underlaying system to rot and develop mold, while also destroying the insulation. If left untreated, the cost of repair will be exponentially higher than if you see to it upon the initial assessment. The roofing contractor you receive an inspection from will provide adequate information as to the materials required and the methods that must be executed to find a solution.

Ensuring you are on top of your regular inspections will help maintain your homes value and keep things up to date. Forgetting to do so can lead to a number of problems that could’ve been dealt with earlier and will cost more money in the long run. Address issues upon recognition either yourself or through a professional and you will find that your home is kept in order and properly maintained.

Visit this preventative home maintenance guideline to learn more about some other areas to address possible problems and develop preventative strategies for you home.

Installation of New Eavestrough – Regular Cleaning & Maintaining Guidelines

Installation of new eavestrough doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about rainwater damage completely. For the eavestrough system to serve the purpose for which you install it, you must perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Essentially, you should have your eavestrough system installed by professional specialists. When installed properly, the eavestrough system is as important as the drainage system of a home.

In addition to keeping water away from the basement of a building, it protects the foundation from costly water damage. But, though installation of an eavestrough system may seem easy, it comes with risks that can be avoided by leaving the job to experts. Basically, let experts install your new eavestrough system so that it can last longer and serve you better.

Regular Cleaning and Maintaining Guidelines

After installation, you should clean your eavestrough regularly. Just like other systems in your home, the eavestrough system requires regular maintenance to serve its purpose effectively. Without regular cleaning and maintenance, your gutters will be clogged and this will cause annoyance of rainwater cascading over their sides.

You don’t want to be hit by water while walking under your eaves. But, the experience will be worse if you let leaves, sticks, and debris clog your gutters. Clogged gutters lead to backing up of water which pushes under the roof shingles. Eventually, this water moves up the building’s roof line and eventually drips into the attic. When gutters become swollen and clogged with debris, they can even fall down. With time, overflowing gutters erode the soil around the foundation leading to its subsiding. To avoid this, follow these guidelines to clean and maintain your eavestrough regularly.

  • Scoop out debris – Use a gutter scoop or garden trowel to scoop out the loose debris from the eavestrough. Start from the low end of the drain outlet of the gutter and work away from it. Doing it this way makes the task easier especially if the debris is pliable and damp than when it is dried, soggy and encrusted. Put the debris that you scoop into a bucket to reduce cleanup later.
  • Use a hose to blast out gutters – Wash out your gutter with a hose that has an on-off high pressure nozzle at the end. Work hard towards the outlet of the drain and wash out the gutters completely. Bear in mind that this job can be messy. Therefore, try to avoid mud splattering all over the house. If possible, remove the dirt that is encrusted in the eavestrough with a scrub brush.
  • Clear drainpipes obstructions – If there are obstructions in the drainpipes preventing the free flow of water try to flush debris down with a hose. If this fails to work, use a plumber’s snake or auger to pull debris out from the drainpipe’s bottom. In some cases, you may have to push it down from the top.

Maintaining a new eavestrough entails inspecting and clearing the system in spring and autumn. It’s also important that you use a stiff brush to scrub and loosen the dirt in your gutters. If unable to clean and maintain your eavestrough for any reason, engage the services of a professional company like Winnipeg Eavestrough.

Why hire a home inspector?

All of us want to have a beautiful and well-built home where we, together with our loved ones could live. If you are planning to buy a house or even if you would simply like to upgrade the one you currently own, then you should consider going to a home inspector to check on the property you are planning to buy. It is actually a wise option to do so especially if you are not very familiar with the parts and functions of a home. Home inspection companies will check the outside and the inside of the house. This includes homes systems and all other visible areas they can see. As for the owners, they should make all areas accessible if they want to sell the property so that everything will be checked.

These types of inspections may not be a pass and fail test but it will also help you determine if there are areas that needs to be fixed or repaired. There are inspectors you can approach in the local council but if you want a thorough and precise inspection then you should go to a private firm. There are different standards stated in every state which these inspectors follow. They are the best people to go to if you want to ensure that your future home is going to be a safe and repair-free place. Always remember that this may seem like an added expenses but this will keep you from spending more in the future. Repairs are very costly but you can avoid all these if you are careful with your choice.

Paving Stones That Suit Your Garden

You can make a garden that resembles an immaculate picture or a children’s story scene. There are unlimited conceivable outcomes on the most proficient method to design your garden with the correct paving stone. Your ideal garden can be made by choosing the best paving stones that will fit your garden as well as your pocket as well. Improving a garden can both be simple and fun in the event that you arrange it effectively already. Arranging is fundamental since there are numerous approaches to adjust a garden. Paving stones fluctuate in shading, size, shape, and weight. The alternatives accessible incorporate cobblestones, flagstones, cladding and copings. When paving your garden guarantees that you have the right gear and apparatuses. On the off chance that you aren’t ready to do it without anyone else’s help, at that point get an expert block layer or a greens keeper to help you. You can find an expert stone layer here at

There are many paving stone outlines accessible for your carport, walkway or pathway. For this application, paving tiles are perfect as they are vast squares that can be put along the walkway or garage. Prepping all pathways in the garden with paving tiles will make a smooth walkway for you and your visitors. In the event that you have a little garden and might want to make it a comfortable territory, you could utilize cobblestones. Cobblestone thoughts incorporate a Stone Age outline and a reproduced shake plan. The Stone Age configuration makes a comfortable and sentimental mood which takes you back to the times of steed drawn carriages. It gives your garden a warm and welcoming feeling which can make any one feel welcome in your garden.

The flagstone is carefully assembled and is ideal for regions near the braai or by a luxurious situation. It can be utilized inside or outside or the other way around for a smooth however consistent remains. These paving stones are tough and simple to clean so it is perfect on the off chance that you aren’t ready to keep an eye on your garden regularly. Cladding is utilized on apportioning dividers in the garden. You can make a cutting edge stone shake subject in your garden. Including cladding repairs dull or flat dividers and inspires the look of your garden.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Such a variety of private homeowners are into arranging and watching over their gardens. This is unquestionably not out of the ordinary when you consider how vital the picture of a flawlessly manicured yard is today. It is just normal that you rival your neighbors and attempt to have the most attractive yard on the piece. In any case, putting the greater part of that time and exertion into your yard or grass can get rather tedious. So no you are screwed over thanks to the issue of needing your part to look the best, however not having enough time to get it to that perfect point. What do you do to deal with this bind? All things considered, you could simply attempt one of the expert garden upkeep administrations.

Despite where it is you dwell, there is probably going to be a couple garden upkeep benefits in your locale. Actually arranging and garden upkeep is a major business nowadays. This implies incalculable private homeowners use these administrations to deal with their yards and gardens constantly. While some are somewhat expensive, others are not all that terrible. The key is to discover one that can address your issues with respect to yard and finishing support. You might need to investigate your neighbor’s grass. It is likely that they are utilizing one of the numerous garden upkeep benefits in your general vicinity to keep their part looking awesome.

It is not hard to discover yard upkeep administrations and arranging experts any longer. Above all else, you ought to direct you regard for the web. Online there are a couple of accommodating sites that can lead you appropriate to yard and garden mind experts in your town or city. Actually, there are many sites you ought not to pass up a great opportunity to learn from if you just do a bit of research. Great locales can offer you a lot of data on grass care and general yard support. You essentially need to set aside the opportunity to perceive what they all bring to the table. Consider the sort of yard, garden and trees you require. There are some things to also concern yourself with when you are caring for your lawn. A major one is a possible sewer line issue. It is best to contact a local contractor as soon as you find signs of a problem. Things you may notice are indentations on the lawn or soggy overly wet patches in the grass. For more info on how to become aware of these headaches and how to save your yard before its too late visit your local plumbing contractor.

Efficient Tank Cleaning

The cleaning of tanks and vessels is regularly a disregarded wellspring of wastefulness in the assembling procedure. As an “unglamorous” and non-center process the genuine cost of cleaning is regularly disregarded. Be that as it may, with some idea critical proficiency additions can be accomplished. As will be seen these efficiencies originated from a mix of the 4 key components of the cleaning procedure i.e. time, mechanical activity, warmth and compound activity. The concentrate of this article is on how speedy wins can be accomplished by enhancing the mechanical activity component of the cleaning blend.

The exercise in careful control – Any cleaning application has four parts that contribute towards compelling cleaning. Learn more? visit

1-Time. The more extended the cleaning if played out the more prominent the cleaning.

2-Chemicals. This is the dissolving impact of concoction cleaning liquids including water.

3-Mechanical activity. This is physical activity of the cleaning shower to remove buildup.

4-Heat. By and large the more sweltering the cleaning liquid the better the cleaning activity.

Expanding any of these 4 segments will enhance general cleaning however there will be a cost related with each. The cost of each of these components will vary contingent upon application and there may well be different imperatives set up. For instance in nourishment preparing applications there will be farthest point on the sorts of synthetic that can be connected. The differential cost of every component is the way to proficient cleaning. Enhancing the blend of components is the way toward expanding one component of the blend that has a lower cost (e.g. mechanical activity) so that another component that has a higher cost (e.g. warmth) can be lessened. The net cleaning force will continue as before yet the cost related with the cleaning procedure will be lessened.

The Effects of Energy Efficiency Home Improvement

In the event that you claim a home that you once in a while discover drafty and costly to warm – then you could profit by doing vitality effective home improvements. A vitality effective home is not just more ecologically capable, it is additionally a great deal more prudent over the long haul. When you find a way to stop air spills and enhance the protection in your storage room, cellar and dividers, these means can mean your home remains hotter and you are more agreeable through the winter months when those cool winds appear to leak in all things considered.

What is vitality proficient home improvement?

Vitality productive home improvement is about making a home that is agreeable and utilizes less vitality to warmth and cool, since it is all around fixed against air breaks and very much protected against warmth exchange. At the point when a home is ineffectively protected, the utilization of a warming framework can be undermined by loss of warmth through absence of protection in the dividers and upper room, inadequately fitted windows and entryways that let in drafts et cetera. Indicative Tools The most ideal approach to address issues in more seasoned homes or homes that have few vitality productivity measures taken amid development is through running some symptomatic tests to locate the home’s ‘frail focuses’ with regards to vitality proficiency. These tests can evaluate how firmly the home is fixed and pinpoint the areas where hot air is getting away from the home. These tests inspected zones, for example, ventilation work frameworks, storage rooms/rooftops, cellars, outside divider holes, utilities section focuses et cetera.

Window protections – When you have windows that are not protected, you can encounter loss of warmth in two ways. To start with, if your windows are more established, (for example, on a customary, character home) at that point you may get warm misfortune through crevices or spaces around the window. Second, the home may have single coated windows which lose warm through warmth exchange. The Repairing or supplanting of more seasoned windows with vitality effective ones can avert facilitates loss of warmth; which thus can enhance the solace of your home. Entryway protections – If you have glass entryways, at that point huge numbers of similar standards apply to protecting these as you would your windows. Furthermore, draft sealing or climate stripping is one of the straightforward things you might need to consider when air fixing your homes; Preventing drafts from going into rooms additionally implies keeping heat from getting away. These applications are brisk and easy to introduce and they can have a major effect to your home.